Company History
& Overview

For over 10 years, Softech Solutions has been working with clients to provide them with increased sales, strong internal processes, customized training, financial success, increased productivity, and improved marketing strategies.

Softech's team of professional business consultants combine creative thinking with a practical understanding of database development. We help to tailor systems and applications to fit business needs. Softech's acclaimed business strategies have created empowered and effective company owners who make solid and informed decisions about their businesses. Yielding positive results through customized applications and implementing solid policy and procedures has allowed Softech's clients to experience the added benefit of saving time while growing their companies and increasing company loyalty.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Our relationship with Softech Solutions began after we were frustrated with the lack of support that we received from ACT directly. We knew the software had the capabilities we needed, but we were not sure how to access them. This is where Jill came in. With her expertise and experience, we were able to design custom reports that allowed us to measure factors critical in our day to day business. In the long run, it was more compelling both financially and emotionally using Jill as our lead designer for ACT. She posses a skill set that is not easily replicated and would have taken us years to build in house. While people who read testimonials are sometimes skeptical, myself included, I can say this. Without Softech Solutions' help, the software would have been rarely used in our office and we would still be searching for a system to design custom functionality. We have Jill to thank for being incredibly accommodating and making our daily lives easier.

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